Anvers Cleaning, Mascotte, Florida

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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and Rescheduling

As a courtesy, please notified Anvers Professional Cleaning, for any cancellation, reschedule change, or any other task. Please notify our company 48 hours prior by email or by service request, and to be flexible with our marvelous clients, you have the choice to cancel 24 hours prior to the service by phone.

If the cancellation is made on the same day, the fee for cancellation will be $35, and if cancellation is made at the door, for any reason, there will be a 50% fee of your full price charge.

*Please do not inform the employee of any source of information for canceling, please notify us immediately by email or call us at 352.255.3601

Our service schedule does not have an exact time; our clients will be notified with an estimate time, if within that time we are not present it maybe because of an emergency for example (flat tire, extremely bad rain, accident etc. etc. etc.) and we are not present at the time of your scheduled cleaning, Anvers Professional Cleaning will be contacting you as soon as possible. We will give you a discount on your next cleaning, courtesy of Anvers Professional Cleaning.

* The day of the service pay will be expected, by check, cash or important notice.
(There will be a $25 fee for return checks!)

Our guarantee

Anvers cleaning always has their clients as secure as can be, “safety is number one on our thoughts” the reason being is to let the client know, that giving us there house key is confidential, the keys will be coded in different colors, no personal information will be written on any of the keys. The codes to your home, alarm, and/or garage are placed in our personal archives. It is always okay for you to be home as we clean.

We guarantee our work 100%, if for whatever reason we skip one of our daily tasks in your home, after we have left your home, please feel free to call us and we will go over our services to make sure we didn’t intentionally skip the task, and we will be glad to go back and do the little task we missed, with no extra charge or I could give you a discount on your next regular cleaning service.

If for whatever reason the client considers to terminate our service, we’ll contact our client, so the spare key will be handed back personally. In case something happens, and the key to your home is lost, our guarantee is that we will personally have your door locks changed; all fees will be taken care of, courtesy of Anvers Cleaning. We are also proud to say that all our cleaning supplies are provided by Anvers Cleaning.

With 15 years of reputation and service Anvers cleaning is licensed and insured. Our number one guarantee is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing Anver’s Cleaning is taking care of you home.

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