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How to clean your shower & tub clean

We can suggest an easy tub-cleaning system:

1. Purchase a tub-cleaning-dedicated surface cleaner â€” or mop with a stiff bristle brush on one side and a soft sponge on the other. The “2-in-1 Surface cleaner”, which is triangle-shaped for getting into corners is the best. Gone are the days of kneeling on hard tile floors while bent double inside of your tub with a scrub brush! With this tool (or a small mop) you can stand comfortably and reach all of the nooks and crannies in your tub and shower.

2. Use a scrub, not a spray. Sprays just don’t cut it—you have to use quite a few trigger pulls to cover your entire tub (and shower if you have one) and liquid cleaning agents just don’t break up the grime the same way a scrub does.

3. Rinse If you have a hand shower, rinsing is a breeze, but if you don’t simply close the shower curtain and turn on the spray and gently move the shower head from side to side. If you use a natural cleaner you won’t have to worry too much if a little scrub is left over on the tub — they won’t irritate sensitive skin like most traditional cleaners will.

Good luck!

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