Anvers Cleaning, Mascotte, Florida

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What is “each time” and “route cleaning”?
– Each time cleaning is when we do all the tasks that are in the each time cleaning list, these tasks are done every time we visit your home. Route cleaning is a system that is offer to our clients that want a more detailed cleaning.
Do I need to do anything before you clean?
– Yes, before we come to clean, we would like any clothes, shoes, toys etc. to be picked up. In case that is not done and depending on the amount of “clutter” we will send you an invoice on your next cleaning.
Do I have to be home as you clean?
– We assure you that your home is in good hands as we clean; it is entirely up to you to stay or not during our cleaning services.
Are your services available Saturdays?
– Services are available ONLY through appointments.
How can I trust Anvers cleaning?
– Anvers Professional Cleaning has been in business for 15 years and in those 15 years we have gained the trust of many people. Anvers cleaning has many references.
Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies?
– Anvers Professional Cleaning provides ALL the cleaning supplies which are previously disinfected before we enter your home, but for our more delicate clients, who would not want us to use our cleaning supplies, please feel free to let us know, and to provide us with the cleaning supplies you would want us to use in your home. Also, those who would rather us to use their vacuum, that has only use in their home, we would be happy too. *all of our cleaning supplies are from green cleaning.
What will happen if we accidentally break something?
– Accidents happened, if we were to break any of your valuables a claim will be filed with our insurance company.
How many people come in into my home or business?
– Depending on how big your home or business is, are usual teams are of 2-4, Anvers Professional Cleaningalways tries to send a member(s) of the team that is familiar with your home, but there is no need to worry each of our employees are trained to give you the same quality each time.
How long are they in my home/business?
– Our cleaning services vary from house to house depending on what kind of service and how big the job is, we won’t leave until the job is finalized.
Is it possible to hire one of Anvers Professional Cleaning employees personally?
– The company does not allow employee’s to be hired and in case that happens, the employee will be penalized, due to contract.